Sending Long SMS

An SMS is made up in what are called segments and each segment is 160 characters long. So if you are sending a lengthy SMS, it will take multiple segments which in turn will cause your cost to go up. 

Please note 160 characters equals a segment, using 161 characers will cause your segment count to turn from 1 segement to 2 segments.

Please also beware that depending on your country and region the character length of segements may vary. 

Using a Picture Attachment 

Both SMS and MMS carrier fees apply which could drive up your cost of each SMS. When you send a picture message with text, you get charged $0.02 for the picture + the usual SMS cost depending on the length of the text. 

What this looks like for you - 

If you send out a broadcast, text, or automation with an image and the text portion is 2 segments it would look something like this: 

"Hey Zach, this is Katie from business name, I just wanted to reach out to you today to let you know that we didn't receive your most recent payment. You can take care of that at today or let us know if there is something we can do to help you get back on track."

You will be charged $0.0075 X 2 = $0.015 for the text portion. 

If there's an image attached to this message, it will then cost $0.02 per message

Making your total cost per message sent $0.02 + $0.015 = $0.035

Please keep in mind that you might see some additional charges incurred:

  • SMS Message Carrier Fees
  • MMS Message Carrier Fees
  • Phone Numbers