Once logged into Samcart you will see two different options:

Closer’s Cafe or Serial Progress Seeker depending on what product you are looking for will depend on which application you will go into. 

Once inside either application it will look the same.

To search for someone with a subscription you will click Activity then subscription:

Then you will input their email address into the search box:

You will then see their ID (order) in blue click that to see what the subscription is:

Once you click that you will see the exact subscription the price how long they have had it ect. 

If they are looking to cancel the subscription you will see a button on the very button that states cancel subscription click that and choose either now or for the next renewal date. 

To search for all orders you will go to activity then orders:

Then you will input their email address into the search box:

Again click the blue ID number to see what they purchased so you can add it to their Kajabi Library.

You will then see the product(s) they purchased and next to each you will see a red refund button (where this says refunded that will normally be a red button) 

How to get a product URL for someone who wants to purchase the product. 

Click products in the top left corner

You will type in the product name you are looking for in the Find a product by name or type section and press enter

Next hover over the product and click view page

Copy the URL that pops up and send it to the potential customer.