How to Create & Share vCards

What is a vCard?

  • A vCard, or a virtual contact file is a standard file format for digital contact cards that can be saved as a .vcf or a .vcard file. Like a regular contact card, a vCard can store any information such as name, phone number, email address, work address, etc. The vCard format is useful because it makes sharing contacts possible between two different phonebook applications and devices. 

How to Create & Share on a Mobile Device:

  1. Click on the contact you’d like to use

  2. Click “share” and your phone generates a .vcf file

  3. Insert it into an email to send to yourself or save it to your files on your phone

How to Create & Share Using Email Contacts:


  1. Select “Contacts” and click on “Other Contacts” on the left to select the contact 

  2. Under the “More” drop down menu, click “export and select “vCard format”

*You can also create a new contact by clicking “New Contact” and inputting the
  desired information. 


  1. In the Navigation Bar, click “People”
    - To see the contact as it will appear on a vCard, in the “Current View” group, click
       “Business Card.”

  2. Choose the contact you want to send

  3. In the “Share” group, select “Forward Contact” and then click “As a Business Card”

  4. Outlook attaches the vCard to the message and inserts a picture of it in the body of the message. 

How to Create on Desktop:

How does it work in Customer Engine? 

  • You can send a vCard through an automation, broadcast message, or two-way messaging. (See the video walkthrough here)  

  • The person who was sent the vCard can then save the contact information included on the card to their phone.

  • This process is executed to help increase campaign conversions while also supporting brand identity and engagement.