1. Go to your agency dashboard

2. Go to Settings

3. Click on Billing

4. You will see:

  • Cost per text
    • is .007
  • Cost per call
    • Is .008 
  • Outbound Carrier Fees
    • .004
  • Number Provisioning
    • $1 (This will be charged monthly for your number
  • Current Balance
    • What you have to spend on text messages
  • Auto Recharge
    • Needs to be turned on or you could have interruption in your automations and broadcasts
  • Recharge balance to 
    • This will be the amount you always want your funds to be in your account
  • When balance falls below
    • This is if your balance falls below a certain amount that may impact your current balance
  • Total Recharge Amount
    • This is the maximum amount that will be charged to your card daily