What happens when you make the perfect broadcast and go to send the message out but realize no one is receiving the message?

First, thing you will want to do is check to see if the broadcast has a link if the broadcast has a link make sure that its a full link in the broadcast, yes this does cost more characters, but Twilio is less likely to mark it as spam and allow you to send the broadcast to all of your list. 

Second, check to make sure that the broadcast doesn't have too many emojis. Twilio will mark this message as spam if it contains too many emojis as they think that you are sending out spam messaging. 

Third, make sure the list you are wanting to send the message out to has contacts on it. I know it's silly, but sometimes contacts get move to a different list and we forget so it's always a good thing to check that out. 

Lastly, make sure that if you are trying to send a broadcast now that you don't accidentally have it set for scheduled and it's going to go out in the future. 

I know these may seem silly, but they're the most common reasons for broadcasts to fail.