Porting numbers away from Twilio

Step 1: Gather the phone number or numbers you are wanting to port away from Twilio

Step 2: Find the last 8 digits of your Twilio SID 

Step 3: Contact porting@twilio.com with your numbers you'd like ported away from Twilio as well as the 8 digits of your Twilio SID. 

Step 4: Fill out the Letter of Authorization CLICK HERE to obtain that. 

Step 5: In the Letter of Authorization use the Service address that Twilio provided to you. 

Step 6: Provide the LOA along with the numbers and passcodes, and your latest 30 day Twilio bill to support@customerengine.io 

*Please keep in mind that after your information has been submitted to Customer Engine for porting it will take up to 4 business days for the port to finalize. Someone from our support staff will contact you once the port has finalized.