How To Set Up Your Loops Campaign

Step 1: Click on Campaigns

Step 2: Click New Campaign and Choose Loop

Step 3: Create Landing Page

  • Name (Name your campaign)

  • Keyword (The keyword is what you will choose that will start the automation)

  • Discount Type (Your offer for this landing page/Loop)

Step 4: Landing Builder


  • Background Color

  • Background Video - If you wish for a video to play

  • Background Image 


  • Upload your logo for your landing page (Optional)


  • Heading (Your main objective of why your customer should sign up)

  • Description (What they need to do to get offer)


  • Choose the information you’d like to get from the customer

    • Name

    • Birthday

    • Business Name

    • Business Website

Action Button

  • Change Color of Button

  • Change Text on Button

Legal Footer

  • Add Privacy Policy

  • Add Terms of Service

Step 5: Sharing Options to gain Points

  • Turn on what you would like points to be rewarded for

    • Opt-in

    • Referral Opt-in

    • Facebook Share

    • Twitter Share

    • Linkedin Share

    • Pinterest Share

    • Liking Facebook

    • Liking Twitter

    • Liking Linkedin

    • Liking Pinterest

      • You will want to add in your link to each social media account so your customer can like the correct page.

Step 6: Reward (Setting up Rewards)

  • Press Add Reward

  • Fill out Reward Form

    • Points to Unlock Reward

    • Days for reward to expire

    • Name of Reward

    • Description of Reward

    • Content for Reward (What the reward is with the offer code)

    • Option to set up follow up messages


  • Turn on Reward

Step 7: Sharing Page (Design your Sharing Page)

  • Styling

  • Main

    • Title of Reward Page

    • Content

      • Where they need to go to check for coupon code

    • Description

      • How they can unlock more rewards

  • Get Points

    • Title 

    • Content 

      • Let the know that if they share the URL they will get more rewards

    • You will be able to edit the places people can share and follow to get points. 

      • You will just upload the image for the social media platform (you can google this to get the image

      • You will then put in what you want them to do 

        • Share on Linkedin

        • Follow on Linkedin

      • You can change the background color to go with the social media platform and the text color. 

  • Rewards

    • Item Background and Text Color

    • Icon Background and Icon Color

    • Unlock Icon Background and Icon Color

    • Tab Background and Unlock Tab Color

    • Title 
    • Success Text